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The objective of NestMe is to guide a dropped egg into its nest! Seems simple, right?! Thats what everyone says until you experience a gust of wind, a fast falling egg, a bipolar nest that moves and find it self some times in a tree! Crazy right?!? By swiping on the screen, you draw lines to help direct the egg to land safely in the nest! Yes, the egg is yelling NestMe!

Play the 30 exciting levels of NestMe now!

Game Play:
- Touch the chicken to start
- You have 5 lines per level. Use fewer lines to earn a higher score.

Level Passed:
- Land the egg in the nest to earn bonus points and unlock the next level.

Level Failed:
- If the egg lands on the ground and breaks.
- If you use all of your lines and do not get the egg in the nest.

In either case, you will not earn any points. However, you will be able to try the level again and earn points once you complete it.

Start now and experience the adventure of NestMe!